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Eric Haseltine

president, Haseltine Partners LLC

Eric Haseltine, Ph.D., began his career at Hughes Aircraft Company as an industrial psychologist. In 1992 he joined Walt Disney Imagineering to help found the Virtual Reality Studio, which he ultimately ran until his departure from Disney in 2002. In the aftermath of 9/11, Eric joined the National Security Agency as its Associate Director, in charge of Research and Development, where he directed a broad range of projects, specializing in counter-terrorism technology. In 2005 Eric became the first CTO of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. In his two years there, Eric oversaw all Science and Technology efforts within the United States Intelligence Community as well as fostering development of innovative new technologies for counter-terrorism. Through his consulting company, Haseltine Partners LLC, Eric now helps intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense find and apply cutting edge technologies to problems such as counter-terrorism and collaborative intelligence analysis. Dr. Haseltine also consults for Fortune 500 companies, helping them develop breakthrough innovations and business practices. He serves on numerous boards, and is an active speaker and writer. His new book is *Long Fuse, Big Bang: Achieving Long-Term Success Through Daily Victories*.