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Dr. Norman Spack

Endocrinologist, Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr. Norman Spack is Senior Associate Emeritus in the Endocrine Division at Boston Children’s Hospital where he has been on staff for 45 years. Dr. Spack co-founded the hospital's Gender Management Service clinic, an interdisciplinary clinic for Transgenderism which serves as a model for 60 comparable clinics throughout North and South America. He is an internationally recognized expert and advocate for transgender individuals. Dr. Spack has been interviewed by news programs and periodicals including \_ABC, NPR, BBC, Time Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly,\_ \_The Boston Globe, The London Times\_ and for Diane Sawyer’s special on Caitlyn Jenner. His TedTalk, uploaded internationally in 2014, has had over 1.5 million views. The United States Department of Justice has engaged Dr. Spack as an expert witness on the government’s behalf against state-level challenges to transgender rights.