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Dong-Chul Seo

associate professor, applied health science, Indiana University

Dr. Dong-Chul Seo is Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University. His current research interests include policy and socio-ecological approaches in obesity prevention. Seo has authored or co-authored 45 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including American Journal of Public Health, International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Journal of Adolescent Health, American Journal of Health Behavior, and many more. He has been Principal Investigator on six research grants from the federal or state government. Seo has served as a grant reviewer for a number of agencies, including the National Science Foundation; as an editor for the Californian Journal of Health Promotion; and as a Board member of the American Academy of Health Behavior (AAHB). He is also an award-winning master teacher, receiving the Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award four times.