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Don Walter

Sr. vice president, Investor Relations, EpiCity, Inc.

Don Walter is the Sr. Vice President, Investor Relations, of EpiCity, Inc. He leads the company’s development and capital group. EpiCity is a boutique real estate asset and property management group based specializing in southeastern real estate. EpiCity is continually recognized as a leader in community involvement. Prior to joining EpiCity Don was Chief Learning Officer at Alignment at Work, an Atlanta based management consultancy with local, national and international clients and CEO of Legacy Homes of Georgia, LLC. As an airline captain Don flew for Delta Air Lines from 1978 until 2005. During his tenure at Delta he became an outspoken advocate and educator for improving risk management skills in airline cockpits a program implemented across multiple cultures worldwide. As Director of Delta’s elite Pilot Instructor School Don’s team led the world airline effort to develop risk management programs to reduce airline accidents and incidents worldwide and is the recipient of awards from ALPA, FAA and industry. Since leaving Delta Don has adapted and integrated many of the aviation risk management skills into the business and educational environment through the Alignment at Work. Don can still be found in the cockpit of the L-1011 “Stargazer” a low orbital launch platform for the Orbital Science Corporation Pegasus program.