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Diane Rehm

Diane Rehm is the host of \_The Diane Rehm Show\_, originally the local morning talk show for Washington, DC's, NPR station, WAMU 88.5. Since Rehm began hosting in 1979 and the show was renamed in her honor in 1984, her program has attracted millions of listeners and grown to achieve international reach. She discusses an extremely broad range of topics and interviews representatives from an equally extensive range of fields, which earned her the National Humanities Medal in 2014. In addition to hosting her radio show, Rehm has individually written three books, \_Finding My Voice\_ (1999), \_Life With Maxie\_ (2010), and \_On My Own\_ (2015). Along with her husband, John, she has co-authored a fourth book, \_Toward Commitment: A Dialogue about Marriage\_ (2002).