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Diana Walker

WH Photographer, Reagan & George Bush Sr.

As the *Time* magazine White House photographer for twenty years, Diana Walker captured virtually every move of Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton. After starting out shooting amateur black-and-white photographs of the 1963 civil rights march at the Lincoln Memorial and President John F. Kennedy's funeral, Walker had obtained White House and Congress credentials by 1975 through freelancing for *Washington Monthly*. In 1979, she became a contract photographer for *Time*, covering First Lady Rosalyn Carter's travels and Walter Mondale's presidential campaign. Walker has been recognized by the World Press, the White House News Photographers Association and the National Press Photographers Association. Her longevity as a White House photographer earned her exclusives like being the only photographer in the room when Nancy Reagan entertained Raisa Gorbachev for the first time. She also was the first photojournalist allowed to spend an entire day inside the White House with President George H. W. Bush resulting in the 1989 Time photo essay, "A Day in the Life of George Bush." Walker has also had her photographs published in *Paris Match*, *Vanity Fair*, *People*, *Life* and *New York* magazines.