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Dennis L. Haarsager

general manager, telecom & tech, WSU

Dennis L. Haarsager has led Washington State University's public broadcasting and educational telecommunications organization since 1978, serving as associate vice president and general manager, Educational Telecommunications and Technology since 1995. His organization includes 13 public radio stations operating as Northwest Public Radio, two public television stations, the country's busiest statewide distance learning network, and WSU's instructional support services. From 2001-2003, he took a half-time leave of absence to head up the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Digital Distribution Implementation Initiative and has done consulting work for several other organizations. Currently, he is one of the principals behind the Public Service Publisher initiative and he edits a weblog at technology360.com. Prior to WSU, Haarsager served as state coordinator for Idaho Public Broadcasting and as director of administration for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Haarsager has his master's degree in public administration and a bachelor degree in political theory, both from the University of South Dakota.