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Del Hamilton

theater co-founder, artistic director

As co-founder of 7 Stages, Del has been a part of the company since its inception in 1979. As artistic director, he has directed over 60 productions at 7 Stages, including *HUSH: Composing Blind Tom Wiggins*, *Athol Fugard's My Children! My Africa!*, *Susan Yankowitz's Night Sky*, *Macbeth*, *The Tempest*, and numerous plays by Sam Shepard. He has also acted in many notable plays. Del directed a very successful production of *One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest* at Teatr Nowy in Poznan, Poland, and he has acted and directed at theaters in Atlanta, New York, London, Paris, Belgrade, Johannesburg and Amsterdam. Del is the author of several plays and has received numerous awards.