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David Page

director, Whitehead Institute

Whitehead Institute Director David C. Page has conducted fundamental studies of mammalian sex chromosomes and their roles in germ cell development, with special attention to the function, structure, and evolution of the Y chromosome. His laboratory recently completed the sequencing of the human Y chromosome in conjunction with the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center. Page is Director of the Whitehead Institute, professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. In 1992, he founded the Whitehead Task Force on Genetics and Public Policy. He is also editor of *Current Opinion in Genetics and Development *and associate editor of *the Annual Review of Human Genetics and Genomics*. Page trained in the laboratory of David Botstein, at MIT, while earning an M.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School and the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program.