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David Lynch


David Lynch is famous for writing and directing what can only be called "David Lynch movies," features whose perplexing plots are often a surreal mix of wonder and repugnance. After his first film, *Eraserhead* (1976), became a cult hit on the midnight movie circuit, Lynch was tapped by Mel Brooks to direct *The Elephant Man* (1980). The film was a critical and box-office success and he was nominated for an Oscar. His next film was 1984's unsuccessful version of Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi novel, *Dune*, but he bounced back with *Blue Velvet* (1986) and firmly established himself as a unique filmmaker who could appeal to more than arthouse crowds. He has ventured into television, most famously for a Calvin Klein commercial and for the series *Twin Peaks* (1990). His other feature films include *Wild at Heart* (1990), *Lost Highway* (1997), and *The Straight Story* (1999). His 2001 film *Mulholland Drive* earned him another Oscar nomination for Best Director.