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David Lyle Jeffrey

provost, Baylor University

David Lyle Jeffrey has worked and taught at Baylor since 2000. He holds a B.A. degree from Wheaton College and a Ph.D. from Princeton. He served Baylor as Provost, Senior Vice Provost and as Distinguished Professor of Literature and Humanities. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1996. Named Inaugural Professor of the Year at the University of Ottawa in 1995, he has also been Guest Professor at Peking University (Beijing) since 1996. He served as Department Chair of English both at the University of Victoria and the University of Ottawa, and has taught also at the Universities of Rochester, Hull (UK) and Regent College. Jeffrey is General Editor and co-author of *A Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature* (1992). Among his other books are *The Early English Lyric and Franciscan Spirituality* (1975); *By Things Seen: Reference and Recognition in Medieval Thought* (1979); *Chaucer and Scriptural Tradition* (1984); *English Spirituality in the Age of Wesley* (1987; 2001); *English Spirituality in the Age of Wyclif* (1988; 2001); *People of the Book: Christian Identity and Literary Culture* (1996); with Brian J. Levy he has edited *The Anglo-Norman Lyric *(1990); and with Dominic Manganiello he has edited and co-authored *Rethinking the Future of the University* (1999). A book relating to literature, entitled *Houses of the Interpreter*, is forthcoming from the Baylor University Press in 2003. Also in 2003, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Conference on Christianity and Literature/Modern Language Association. David Jeffrey's current research interests involve the relationship of biblical humanities to literary and artistic expression.