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Dave Zirin

sportswriter, editor

Named of the UTNE Reader's "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World", Dave Zirin writes about the politics of sports for the Nation Magazine. He is their first sports writer in 150 years of existence. Zirin is also the host of Sirius XM Radio's popular weekly show, Edge of Sports Radio. He has been called "the best sportswriter in the United States," by Robert Lipsyte. He writes regularly for SLAM Magazine, the Progressive, and is a regular op-ed writer for the Los Angeles Times. The author of four books about the history and business of sports, Zirin contributed *A People's History of Sports in the United States*, to Howard Zinn's *People's History* series for the New Press. As former Yankee and Ball Four author Jim Bouton said of this work, "Finally, the long-awaited prequel to all the sports books you've ever read. Put this first in the line of sports books on your shelf. It will help make sense of all the others." Zirin has brought his blend of sports and politics to multiple television and radio programs including ESPN's Outside the Lines, MSNBC's *Countdown with Keith Olbermann*, ESPN Classic, MSNBC's *The Rachel Maddow Show*, Al-Jazeera's *The Riz Khan Show*, C-SPAN's BookTV, *Democracy Now* with Amy Goodman, National Public Radio's *Talk of the Nation* and *All Things Considered*; Air America's 'On the Real' with Chuck D; The Laura Flanders Show; Stars and Stripes Radio; Pacifica's Hard Knock Radio, and many others.