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Darci Schofield

Senior Environmental Planner, Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)

Darci Schofield joined MAPC in August 2017. She works with local, state, and federal agencies and community-based organizations providing technical assistance for sustainable and equitable management of natural resources. Her work is mainly focused on climate adaptation and resilience, hazard mitigation, stormwater management, green infrastructure, environmental justice, and open space and habitat protection. In addition to that, she designs and advances the agency’s environmental public policy agenda. Prior to joining MAPC, she was an Urban Program Director at The Trust for Public Land in Boston where she implemented climate-science geospatial planning and resilience with green infrastructure and nature-based solutions in 20 cities throughout MA and RI. Darci started at The Trust for Public Land in 2008 and previously held Project Manager II, Project Manager, and Senior Project Associate before being promoted in 2015. She first began her field in 1998 as a Conservation Organization, Executive Committee, Outings Coordinator at Sierra Club in Portland, ME. Darci holds a MS in Forestry from the University of Maine Orono and a BA in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology from Boston University. She also holds a Negotiation and Leadership Certification from Harvard Law School. Image: [www.mapc.org](https://www.mapc.org/staff-member/darci-schofield/ "mapc")