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Dan Rhodes


Dan Rhodes was born in 1972. He studied Humanities at the University of Glamorgan and later returned there for an MA in Writing, which he completed in 1997. He has worked on a fruit and vegetable farm, in the stockroom of a book shop, behind the bar of his parents' pub, as a teacher in Ho Chi Minh City, and, sporadically, as a full-time writer. He has published two collections of short fiction: *Anthropology: And a Hundred Other Stories* (2000), which contains very short, darkly humorous stories about romantic relationships, and *Don't Tell Me the Truth About Love *(2001), which consists of seven longer stories on a similar theme. His first novel,* Timoleon Vieta Come Home: A Sentimental Journey*, was published in April 2003, and is about a dog's travels across Italy. This was followed by *Little White Car* (2004). Dan Rhodes was recently named by *Granta *magazine as one of twenty 'Best of Young British Novelists'. His latest novel is *Gold* (2007), shortlisted for the 2008 Catherine Maclean Prize.