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Cynthia Wainscott

chair, Natl Mental Health Assoc

Cynthia Wainscott is a member of NMHA's Board of Directors. Cynthia served as education director of the Mental Health Association of Minnesota from 1987-1990, and was executive director of the National Mental Health Association of Georgia from 1990-2003. She was also a founding member of the Georgia Prevention Credentialing Consortium and a member of the Center for Mental Health Services' National Mental Health Advisory Council from 2000-2004. With 16 years experience, Cynthia is an established leader in mental health education. She directed a pilot site for the National Institute of Mental Health's Depression: Awareness, Recognition and Treatment program a ground-breaking public education campaign developing a training model for education programs nationwide. Her passion for advocacy and education is fueled by the experiences of her mother, daughter and granddaughter, who have all successfully lived with mental illness. Cynthia holds a BA degree from Metropolitan State.