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Clare Houston

Claire Houston

Accessibility Specialist

Claire joined NCAM in 2019 but has long been involved in the intersections of disability advocacy and technology policy. As a student at Mount Holyoke College, she completed a self-designed major in Disability Studies, with additional focus in entrepreneurship and data science. Through this program, Claire conducted academic research into the impacts of lifelong inequalities, including educational and employment barriers for people with disabilities; and on the ethical development of assistive technology. She also served as a Disability Services Peer Fellow and worked with the Assistive Technology Coordinator. Previously, she worked at the American Association of People with Disabilities in Washington DC, as an intern and a Google Public Policy Fellow, focused on advocating for the development of accessible autonomous vehicles. She is passionate about the history of accessible technology and disability representation in media, and looking towards a future where accessibility is woven into new technology from the start.