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Christopher Hitchens


Christopher Eric Hitchens is an author, journalist and literary critic. He has been a columnist at *Vanity Fair*, *The Atlantic*, *World Affairs*, *The Nation*, *Slate*, *Free Inquiry*, and a variety of other media outlets. Hitchens is also a political observer, whose books the latest being *God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything* have made him a staple of talk shows and lecture circuits. In 2009 Hitchens was listed by *Forbes* magazine as one of the "25 most influential liberals in U.S. media." In 2007, on his 58th birthday, retaining his British citizenship, Hitchens also became an American citizen after residing in the US for a quarter century. Hitchens is known for his ardent admiration of George Orwell, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, and for his excoriating critiques of Mother Teresa, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Henry Kissinger, amongst others. He is an anti-theist, and he describes himself as a believer in the Enlightenment values of secularism, humanism and reason. In September 2008, he was made a media fellow at the Hoover Institution. Hitchens is currently writing his memoirs, due for publication in the spring of 2010.