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Charles Kleekamp

director, Cape Clean Air

Charles 'Chuck' Kleekamp, moved to Cape Cod upon retiring from a 37-year career as a professional electrical engineer. He has devoted his time to environmental and health issues of concern on Cape Cod. Chuck has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and electrical engineering and a master's degree in computer, control and instrumentation engineering, all from the University of Michigan. He has worked in the fields of industrial control systems and advanced communication and radar systems. Chuck is a founding director and Vice-President of Cape Clean Air, a citizen advocacy group whose mission is to engage the public and inform citizens about the health impacts of power plant emissions. He is also the Information Director of Clean Power Now. He has lectured widely on Cape Cod on wind power, its role in sustainable, pollution-free energy and its impact on the environment, economics, and health. Chuck has served on the Upper Cape Lung Cancer Advisory Committee and is a member of the Cape Cod Sustainability Indicators Council and author of the Air Quality Indicator. He participated as a stakeholder in the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative meetings regarding the Cape Wind project.