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Chandra Gouldrup

Chef/Owner of Farmer’s Daughter

Chef Chandra’s journey that led her to being one of the area’s most passionate and respected proponents of sustainable, or “farm to table”, cooking all started at home when she was just a child. Chandra, truly being a “[Farmer’s Daughter](https://www.thefarmersdaughtereaston.com/ "Farmer's Daughter")”, had the belief that you eat what you grow ingrained in her at an early age. Chandra then took these experiences and views out of her family’s kitchen in Southern New Hampshire down to Boston and into the professional kitchens of some of New England’s most respected culinary minds. Chandra has begun to set her sights on a number of next phase developments with a continued focus on “Real. Local. Fresh. Food.” Or as Chandra likes to say, “doing it the way we were always meant to.”