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Caroly Shumway

senior scientist, Aquatic Biodiversity

Dr. Caroly A. Shumway serves as Principal Investigator in Aquatic Biodiversity, Departments of Conservation and Research. Dr. Shumway is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Boston University. Her program in Aquatic Biodiversity includes the creation of Living Links: Choices for Survival; development of Scientists Without Borders, a program to link young scientists with communities in need of biodiversity research; Changing Hearts and Minds, a values-based approach to environmental stewardship in the South Pacific; and assistance with freshwater biodiversity conservation and livelihood security in the Congo on a USAID-funded project. She also writes and conducts research on conservation policy, the use of behavior in conservation, and the evolution of brain and behavior. Dr. Shumway has eleven years of experience in international conservation ranging from governmental policy (USAID) to grassroots work (The Nature Conservancy).