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Camille Manning-Broome

President and CEO, Center for Planning Excellence (presenting remotely)

A native Louisianan, Camille Manning-Broome is internationally recognized for her expertise in resilience and adaptation planning. Her leadership on issues of land loss, coastal community sustainability, climate change resilience and adaptation as well as resident-led community planning has contributed to the transformation of cities, towns and parishes throughout Louisiana and has created knowledge of interest to peers throughout the U.S. and the globe, from South Africa to Scotland to Denmark. As President and CEO, Camille oversees CPEX’s multidisciplinary team as they develop plans and provide technical assistance, data and research, policy guidance, communications support and thought leadership to communities seeking to make thoughtful decisions about how they develop and grow. Camille is a member of the CPEX Board of Directors and works closely with them to set the organization’s vision and advance CPEX’s mission to bring people and planning together to make great places. Image: [www.cpex.org](https://www.cpex.org/staff-list/ "cpex")