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Boston Community Choir

musical ensemble

The Boston Pops Gospel Choir was originally brought together to perform in the first Gospel Night at POPS in 1993. Gospel Night is a result of the vision and commitment of the Boston Symphony Orchestras Cultural Diversity Committee. This vision was particularly championed by the late Vondal M. Taylor, Jr. (1954-95), who was Vice-Chair of the Cultural Diversity Committee, and an overseer of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The Cultural Diversity Committee, in its effort to increase the diversity of Symphony Halls patronage, developed Gospel Night to appeal to a broader-than-traditional audience. Gospel Night has since become an annual event that continues to feature the choir. After the death of Vondal Taylor in 1995, Brother Dennis Slaughter, who had performed with the choir since 1993, decided to develop Boston Community Choir as an entity outside of Symphony Hall. Through his efforts and musical direction, the Boston Community Choir has become well-known throughout the Boston area for its inspired and uplifting performances.