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Bob Lyons

director, radio and new media initiatives, WGBH

Bob Lyons oversees web and streaming services for WGBH's radio, television, and cable outlets, in addition to satellite radio initiatives and national radio projects. His recent projects include launching public broadcasting's first podcasts (October 2004), and the creation of the WGBH Forum Network. He is currently developing blogs and podcasts for WGBH, working on meta-data standards for public radio's digital broadcast service, and serving on a national consortium of public broadcasters to develope new platforms for downloadable distribution on public radio and television content. Lyons also teaches music production for radio and the web at Northeastern University. His background includes award-winning radio work as a producer and executive producer. He was co-creator and executive producer of NPR's word-quiz radio show *Says You* and developed national radio companions for several PBS series including *Martin Scorsese presents The Blues*, *Africans in America*, and *Rock and Roll*, along with numerous music specials for NPR, PRI, and Warner Reprise.