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Bob Blumenthal

consultant, Marsalis Music

Bob Blumenthal began his career as a jazz critic in 1969 for *Boston After Dark*, later known as *The Boston Phoeni*x, while in college, and continued to contribute to that paper through 1989. After serving as guest critic for *The Boston Globe* during its jazz festival for a decade, he became a regular Globe contributor in 1990 and a weekly columnist in 1993, and continued in both roles until 2002. Throughout these years, during which he worked as an attorney, primarily for the Massachusetts Department of Education, Blumenthal was also contributing to such publications as *The Atlantic Monthly*, *Rolling Stone*, *The Village Voice*, *Down Beat* and *JazzTimes*, and writing numerous album notes. He also provided radio and television commentary and served as a panelist for the National Jazz Service Organization, the New England Foundation for the Arts, and the Jazz Composers Alliance. He also received Grammy awards for best album notes in 1999 for *Coltrane: The Classic Quartet/Complete Impulse!*.