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Bill Nowlin

founder, Rounder Records

Bill Nowlin began writing about the Boston Red Sox as a young teenager, for a self-published neighborhood newspaper. Though the paper's circulation hovered in the single-digit range, it was the first step on what would become a life-long journey for Nowlin. Since the early '90s he has established himself as an authority on the much-beloved Sox via 15 published books and over 100 articles in various newspapers, magazines, and journals. His books include *Mr. Red Sox: The Johnny Pesky Story*, *Fenway Lives*, *Ted Williams: The Pursuit of Perfection*, *Blood Feud: The Red Sox*, *the Yankees*, *The Struggle of Good vs. Evil*, and *Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox* (the first two titles co-authored with fellow Sox enthusiast Jim Prime). Nowlin's devoted scholarship - particularly his detailed exploration of the life and legacy of Ted Williams - led to his recent election as Vice-President of the Society for American Baseball Research, as well as his continuing role as publications editor for the Ted Williams Museum in Florida. These days he appears frequently on radio and television in the Boston area, discussing his favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. Bill Nowlin grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. For the first dozen years of Rounder Records' existence, Bill also served as a professor of political science at the University of Lowell; Dr. Nowlin retired from teaching in 1982.