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Bilal Zuberi

VP, product development, GEO2 Tech., Inc.

Bilal is currently engaged in an entrepreneurial venture (GEO2 Technologies), after having spent time in strategic management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group. GEO2 is an advanced materials company, commercializing novel substrate technologies for filtration and other uses. He is one of the co-founder and am presently the VP of Product Development. Prior to BCG, Bilal received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the guidance of Professor Mario Molina. His research focused on atmospheric chemistry, particularly the microphysics of the tropospheric inorganic aerosols, the fate of soot in urban environments, heterogeneous nucleation of particulates, cloud condensation properties of organics and soot, and thermodynamics of nanometer-sized organic and inorganic particles.