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Bernie Swain

Washington Speakers Bureau

Bernie Swain, the founder and Chairman of Washington Speakers Bureau, is today's foremost authority on the lecture industry. [@Swain\_Bernie, BernieSwain.com, & amzn.to/1x0bz8g] Over the past 35 years, Bernie has represented 3 of last 4 US Presidents, the last 4 prime ministers of Great Britain, 5 Secretaries of State and countless world and American leaders. He has also represented numerous business executives, public figures, media leaders, and sports legends. Bernie considers himself among the fortunate few entrepreneurs who has not only started a business but developed it into the industry leader -- on the strength of handshakes. He has learned a great deal about failure, success, and personal leadership along the way. Bernie has captured it all in his pending book, \_What Made Me Who I Am\_, available everywhere in September 2016. Photo Credit: Bernieswain.com