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Barnaby Evans


Barnaby Evans is an artist who works in many media, including site-specific sculpture installations, photography, film, garden design, architectural projects, writing, and conceptual works. His original training was in the sciences, but he has been working exclusively as an artist for more than 25 years. Evans is best known for WaterFire, a sculpture that he installed on the three rivers of downtown Providence. In 1994, he created First Fire to celebrate the tenth anniversary of First Night Providence; in June 1996, he created Second Fire for the International Sculpture Conference and the Convergence International Arts Festival in Providence. With hundreds of volunteers and the broad support of the community, he established WaterFire as an on-going installation in 1997. Evans also created WaterFire Houston in 1998 and installed Moving Water for the Institute of Contemporary Arts Vita Brevis Program in Boston in 2001. Evans is currently exploring art installations for a number of other cities including St. Petersburg. Barnaby Evans received his Bachelors degree in biology and environmental science from Brown University in 1975. He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities by Brown University and an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts by Rhode Island College, both in 2000.rnational Triennial Exhibition (in Switzerland) and Providences Renaissance Award in 1997.