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Arthur I. Miller

professor, history, University College London

Arthur R. Miller is a University Professor on the faculty of the New York University School of Law and the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. From 1971- 2007, Professor Miller taught at the Harvard Law School where he was the Bruce Bromley Professor of Law. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester and his law degree from Harvard Law School. Prior to joining the Harvard faculty, he had practiced law in New York City and taught at the University of Minnesota and the University of Michigan. Among lawyers, he is nationally known for his work on court procedure, a subject on which he has authored or co-authored more than forty books. The general public, however, knows him for his work in the field of the right of privacy, a subject on which he has written, testified, debated, and helped formulate legislation. His book The Assault on Privacy: Computers, Data Banks, and Dossiers (1971) has been extremely influential.