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Anjali Waikar

equal justice works fellow, ACLU of MA

Anjali Waikar works with the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts in Boston. The civil liberties work of the ACLU of Massachusetts ranges from traditional issues of free speech and association, to broader topics of the death penalty, juvenile justice, immigrant rights, racial justice and opposition to profiling, religious freedom, privacy and a woman's right to choose. Anjali's project addresses the effect and patterns of racial profiling used by local and federal law enforcement. Working with the ACLU of Massachusetts, her project places post-9/11 profiling within a human rights framework. Anjali will integrate four components human rights documentation, community organizing and education, policy initiatives and litigation strategies in an effort to help secure the civil rights and liberties of Massachusetts residents. After graduating from Wesleyan University, Anjali served as a legal advocate for low-income, HIV-infected individuals at South Brooklyn Legal Services. She also worked with a community development organization in Guatemala to set up HIV testing for indigenous communities located in the eastern rainforest of the country. After graduating law school, Anjali joined the ACLU of Massachusetts as a Racial Justice Fellow, focusing on the disproportionate impact that certain policies and practices in the juvenile justice system have on youth and youth of color.