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Andrew Wasif

sports journalist, writer

Sharon native Andy Wasif brings a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor to his observational musings. **Red Sox Fans are From Mars*, Yankees Fans are From Uranus* is the third in his series of Red Sox books, after* How to Talk to a Yankee Fan* and *Red Sox University*. His work is also featured in the book *Red Sox and Philosophy*. A lifelong Red Sox fan with a collection of Yankees fans as friends (stuffed and displayed in his game room), the Syracuse University graduate first focused on sports journalism before turning his attention to stand-up comedy. Now, fully recovered from that profession, Andy has spent the last few years enjoying the renewed rivalry as he studies the two fan bases and their relationship with each other. He's written for Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Movies and has a regular blog called "Wasif's World" on Sportsfanlive, in which he focuses on the finer points of sports and fandom. Currently, he's contributing a chapter to "Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy" along with writing projects for television and movies from his home in Los Angeles.