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Andrew Kadak

professor, nuclear engineering practice, MIT

Dr. Andrew C. Kadak is a Professor of the Practice in the MIT Department of Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Kadak was the faculty advisor to the MIT Mars Nuclear Power Team convened jointly between the MIT Nuclear Engineering and Aeronautics & Astronautics Departments in the Spring of 2003. The team performed an extensive design study of requirements for nuclear power systems to support round-trip human missions to Mars, and provided recommendations for future development in this area. Dr. Kadak has spent his entire career in the nuclear energy field. He graduated from Union College in 1967 and received his masters and doctorate degrees in Nuclear Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also received a masters degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University in 1983. He was formerly the President and CEO of Yankee Atomic Electric Company. Dr. Kadak's current interests, in addition to nuclear space power, are the development of innovative new nuclear power plants such as the pebble bed reactor and improved management systems for existing and future nuclear power stations.