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Amy Richards


Amy has just published *Opting In: Having A Child Without Losing Yourself*. Before that she co-authored (with Jennifer Baumgardner)* Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism* and *Manifesta: Young Women Feminism and the Future*. Over the years she has worked as a consultant to Gloria Steinem, Anna Deavere Smith and the Columbia School of Public Health among other places. She is on the board of advisors to *Ms. Magazine* and the counsel of advocates to Planned Parenthood New York City. Amy is also a board member to The Lower East Side Girls Club, Fair Fund, and the Sadie Nash Leadership Institute. And most of her "training" in being an effective activist came from her involvement with the Third Wave Foundation. Since Third Wave's inception in 1992, she helped it grow from an organization struggling to find a place within the feminist movement to being one of only a few organizations for young feminists.