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Amara Ifeji

Climate Activist and Undergrad Student

Amara Ifeji is a systems-thinker whose lived experiences have led her to advocate at the intersection of the environmental and social justice movements. She spearheads grassroots, policy, and community science efforts that aim to grant youth of color positive experiences in the outdoors. She has received state, national, and international recognition for her work, including being named a 2021 National Geographic Young Explorer. A student at Northeastern University, Ifeji studies politics, philosophy, and economics with a concentration in energy and environmental policy. She plans to continue her advocacy in the field of public policy and aspires to attend law school. With lived experience as a catalyst, she empowers and connects individuals and communities to mobilize climate justice efforts and is steadfast in her commitment to allow all students to learn about climate change in her fight for a “more just, equitable, and climate-resilient future.” Americans Who Tell the Truth