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Amani Channel

senior producer, KEF Media Associates

Amani Channel is an award-winning video producer, and specialist in traditional, and convergence/new media. He is a Sr. Producer at KEF Media Associates. The company develops and produces radio and TV satellite media tours for organizations and companies that want to share their stories through broadcast media outlets. During his broadcasting career, Channel's content, commentaries, and reports have been featured on on NPR, APTN (Associated Press Television News), CNN, Headline News, BET, Black Family Channel, HDNews, and across the Web. Channel also founded a vlog/podcast called http://www.MyUrbanReport.com. It features independently produced citizen journalism styled segments. Channel also speaks at conferences, workshops, and universities across the country about traditional and new media. He's taught video production at Hillsborough Community College, and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Tampa, FL, and Kennesaw State University. In 2010 he received a Master of Arts from the University of South Florida. His thesis is titled: "Gatekeeping and Citizen Journalism: A Qualitative Examination of Participatory Media."