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Allan Goroll

American College of Physicians, MA

Dr. Goroll, a general internist, is professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and physician of Medical Service, Massachusetts General Hospital. He graduated summa cum laude from Brandeis University and cum laude from Harvard Medical School. He is one of the modern pioneers in primary care, having initiated the nations first residency track in primary care internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital (where he served his residency), and lead-authored the first textbook of primary care internal medicine (*Primary Care Medicine*, now in its 6th edition). In his role as a clinician educator, he chaired Harvards Core Medicine Clerkship and led a national initiative to reform the curriculum of the Core Medicine Clerkship, emphasizing generalist competencies and outpatient training. In 2000, he received the National Award for Career Achievement in Medical Education from the Society for General Internal Medicine, and in 2003, the Gold Foundation Award for Medical Humanism from the HMS graduating class. He has also served as president of the Massachusetts Medical Society and as Massachusetts Governor of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Goroll continues to practice and teach primary care internal medicine at the MGH while actively working on health care reform, serving as chair emeritus of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative and as chair of the Massachusetts Coalition for Primary Care Reform. He enjoys sailing and travel.