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Alicia Foley Winn

executive director, Boston Initiative to Advance Human Rights

Alicia is a graduate of Northeastern University; holds a J.D. from the Suffolk University Law School; and received her L.L.M. in International Law, with a Specialization in the Protection of International Human Rights from The Washington College of Law at American University. Alicia has worked on issues of human trafficking since 2006, when she joined the staff of The Protection Project at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (JHU-SAIS) in Washington DC. Alicia has worked on a variety of human rights issues, focusing on child sex trafficking in both domestic and international contexts and other forms of violence against women. Currently Alicia is co-instructing a distance-learning course on international human rights law and is engaged in extensive research on the reintegration of formerly trafficked women. Alicia guest lectures at local Universities and is active in supporting various social causes in Boston and beyond.