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Alexander Guryanov

Polish program coordinator, Memorial Group, Moscow, Russia

Alexander Guryanov received his Ph.D. in Physics from the State University of Moscow and began his professional career in 1975 working as a scientist in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Russian Academy of Science. In 1993 Dr. Guryanov joined the Human Rights Center “Memorial” in Moscow. Soon thereafter he became the chief coordinator of the Polish Program within the Memorial Group and worked as a liaison for the Polish Human Rights Commission. In this capacity he authored many scholarly articles on Soviet political repressions directed at the Poles and Polish citizens of other nationalities. He co-edited a major work entitled “Repressions of the Poles and Polish citizens of other nationalities” published by the Memorial in Moscow. He also co-authored 15 volumes of the series entitled “Index of Repressed” published together with the Warsaw office of the “Karta” Center between 1997 and 2007 in Warsaw. Since 2007, Dr. Guryanov has been officially representing the Human Rights Center “Memorial” before the Russian courts in connection with numerous complaints filed by the Memorial with respect to the Russian investigation of the Katyo crime.