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Alan Rogers

professor, history, Boston College

Professor Rogers' research and teaching focuses on the U.S. Constitution, American legal history, and the American Revolution. His most recent books are: *Murder and the Death Penalty in Massachusetts*, *The Boston Strangler*, and *Boston: City on a Hill* (with Lisa J. Rogers). An article on State Constitutionalism and the Death Penalty, will be published in a forthcoming special issue of the *Journal of Policy History*. Rogers also has published articles in the* New England Quarterly*, the *Journal of the Early Republic*, and the *American Journal of Legal History*, among other scholarly journals. The undergraduate and graduate courses he teaches parallel his research interests: U.S. Constitutional History, I & II, The Bill of Rights, Anglo-American Law, (with Professor Robin Fleming), and "Atlantic World, a history core course. Rogers is the chair of the Seminar in Early American History, hosted by the Massachusetts Historical Society, and a member of the Adams Papers Executive Publication Committee. His current book project is titled Faith, Healing, and the First Amendment.