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Adeline Sire

producer, PRI's The World

Adeline Sire produces feature and news stories for *The World*. Focusing on cultural aspects, she looks for people with compelling stories that give the news a fresh and quirky slant. Her work goes from researching story ideas, to reporting and producing segments for the program. Before joining the staff at *The World*, Adeline produced freelance arts features for PRI's radio program *Beyond Computers*, and Boston station WBUR's *Morning Edition* and *Here and Now*, where she trained. She also worked several years in a publishing department of the United Nations headquarters in New York. A native of France, Adeline says, "some of the most exhilarating experiences of working at *The World*, are talking to people in different countries, exploring different cultures, and tackling new issues every day. I love the challenge." Adeline is also a musician and a baroque music freak, but that's neither here nor there.