How much information do public officials owe us about their personal lives?

That's the question at the heart of the controversy sparked by a four-day vacation that Gov. Maura Healey took last month, leaving Secretary of State Bill Galvin in charge. Afterward, Healey initially refused to say where she'd traveled, prompting an abundance of scrutiny and commentary in the worlds of both media and politics. But then, on Friday, she revealed that she'd gone to Puerto Rico with her partner, Joanna Lydgate.

The debate over what Healey chose to reveal stems, in part, from her past promise to be the most transparent governor in Massachusetts history, as well as a sense in some quarters that that promise hasn't yet been fulfilled. But it also highlights a fundamental uncertainty about what exactly demarcates the personal from the political. Adam Reilly discusses with the Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi and Gin Dumcius of Commonwealth Beacon.

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