Boston's Task Force on Reparations seems to want Mayor Michelle Wu to pause a signature plan to build affordable housing on vacant lots across the city. Right now, $58 million in pandemic relief funds is set to go toward the initiative, which will incentivize construction and give participating Bostonians forgivable grants of up to $100,000. But at the task force's most recent meeting, former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson argued that the city should hold off on spending that money and parting with that land until a reparations proposal is finalized an argument that was warmly received by the panel's chair and other members.

Adam Reilly breaks down that request with Saraya Wintersmith, GBH News' City Hall reporter. She also offers a broader look at the task force's work to date, including concerns that have been raised about community involvement and whether, at its current pace, the panel will be able to make its recommendations by its deadline next summer.

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