In terms of governing, it was Maura Healey’s biggest week yet. The still new(ish) governor unveiled a sprawling tax plan worth nearly $750 million — bigger than the one former Gov. Charlie Baker tried to pass last year. And a couple days later, Healey released her first-ever state budget proposal, which totals $55.5 billion.

So what did Healey get right, and where did she drop the ball?

While Healey is a Democrat who’s been lionized by progressives over the years, the reaction to her tax plan and budget doesn’t break down neatly according to ideological lines. Adam Reilly is joined by Charlie Chieppo of the right-leaning Pioner Institute, who sees much to like in Healey’s proposals, and Phineas Baxandall of the left-leaning Mass. Budget and Policy Center, who’s more skeptical. Lisa Kashinsky, the author of Politico’s Massachusetts Playbook, also weighs in on the reception Healey’s proposals have received and the political path that awaits them on Beacon Hill.

Watch: Maura Healey’s budget draws split reactions on education, tax relief

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