Sen. Elizabeth Warren “fully” supports a 2024 ticket that would feature President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris jointly seeking re-election, she said Sunday.

Warren, in a Boston Public Radio interview Friday, said she wants to see Biden run for a second term. Asked if Harris should be his running mate, she declined to get out ahead of the president’s own decision, saying she wanted to defer to whatever Biden is comfortable with.

“I fully support the President’s and Vice President’s re-election together, and never intended to imply otherwise,” Warren told GBH News in a statement Sunday. “They’re a terrific team with a strong record of delivering for working families.”

In her Boston Public Radio interview, Warren pointed to major investments in science funding, climate efforts and insulin affordability as among the Biden administration’s accomplishments so far.

Warren and Harris served together in the U.S. Senate before Harris ascended to the vice presidency. They both ran in the Democratic presidential primary in 2020 and each endorsed Biden after dropping out.

Warren said she and Harris also worked together on housing issues before they were in the Senate, when Warren was a law professor and Harris was California’s attorney general.