At this point in the governor's race, a win for Democrat Maura Healey seems almost certain.

Yet even as she coasts toward what could be a landslide victory, Healey is sticking to a cautious approach that's characterized, more than anything else, by repeated and heartfelt expressions of admiration for Charlie Baker, the outgoing Republican incumbent.

In this episode of Talking Politics, Adam Reilly, Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe, and Yawu Miller of the Bay State Banner look at whether Healey's caution — which also includes avoiding a hotly contested state Senate race that could have pitted her endorsement against Baker's — is a strategy for winning the election or, instead, a preview of how she'll try to run Massachusetts if she wins in November.

The trio also explore whether Geoff Diehl, Healey's Republican opponent, could have done anything to make the race more competitive, and the calculations voters and news outlets need to make as they contemplate some ugly late-breaking revelations in the state auditor's race.

After that conversation, Reilly is joined by Evan Horowitz, the director of Tufts University's Center for State Policy Analysis, for a neutral, nonpartisan, and fact-based conversation about Ballot Questions 1 and 2, which would create a new surtax on incomes over $1 million and create new regulations for the dental insurance industry. Horowitz will return next week to size up Ballot Questions 3 and 4.

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