The midterm elections once looked solid for the GOP. But that promise might be starting to crack as far-right, Trump-backed candidates poll poorly.

It remains unclear whether Donald Trump will run for president again in 2024, but if he doesn't, can "Trumpism" survive?

Not everyone on the right agrees. Former GOP chairs who butt heads on Greater Boston disagreed on the question. Host Jim Braude classified Trumpism as attacks on democracy such as January 6, and lies claiming the 2020 election was stolen.

"It doesn't survive today," said James Rappaport, former chair of the Massachusetts GOP. He said as time goes on, Trumpism is "basically inconsequential."

However, Jennifer Horn, former chair of the New Hampshire GOP, pushed back. "I think it absolutely survives," she said, and added that primary results across the country show that the GOP embraces "Trumpism" and is trying to preserve it.

The two debated the future of the Republican party, as it splinters on key issues such as guns and abortion.

Watch: Midterms looking rocky for Trump-backed GOP candidates