Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin wants the incoming Biden administration to investigate President Trump's re-election campaign if Trump's efforts to reverse the election results continue.

Responding to reports that Trump and his team have contacted election officials in Michigan, Galvin said the president's effort to interfere with local election certifications might be illegal.

"I certainly think the incoming administration ought to investigate. There has to be a penalty for this kind of behavior. You just simply can't ignore it. Otherwise it'll become the norm. This is not acceptable. It has to be rejected," Galvin said.

Galvin said any effort to undermine the will of the electorate should be investigated once Biden takes office, and that authorities cannot ignore reports that Trump and his associates have tried to intimidate local elections officials.

"It seems to me that at some point we have to draw a line. There's a line between politics and an effort to intimidate election officials and to undermine the will of the American people," Galvin said at a Thursday press conference outside the State House.

Galvin said that if Trump's campaign's behavior continues, the Biden administration should begin an investigation into obstruction of justice.