Gov. Charlie Baker is a 'No' on Question 2, which will ask voters to implement a ranked choice voting system.

Baker said Tuesday he is worried ranked choice voting would add costs to cities and towns holding elections and could slow and complicate the process to the point where it undermines voter's faith and understanding in the system.

"This thing is just too complicated to add on top of that, the counting process alone could get unbelievably difficult," Baker said.

Jesse Mermell, a spokeswoman for the ballot campaign and a former congressional candidate who could have benefitted from such a system, said voters all over the world have adopted similar systems without trouble and expanded their voting options.

"It's not confusing, it's straight forward. It's a way to give voters more voice in our Democracy," Mermell told GBH News.

Earlier in the day, Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito released a statement urging voters to reject the ballot measure.

“At a time when we need to be promoting turnout and making it easier for voters to cast their ballots, we worry that question two will add an additional layer of complication for both voters and election officials, while potentially delaying results and increasing the cost of elections," Baker and Polito wrote in the statement.