Republican John Paul Moran joined Boston Public Radio on Thursday to make his case to voters in Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District, where he’s currently running to unseat Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton.

“I’m not your average candidate,” said Moran, who is openly gay, a former surf brand entrepreneur and an MIT space telescope scientist. “I believe that there’s a lot of focus in Washington on lining pockets, and also extreme partisan fighting, and I believe that things are not getting done for the people — especially in my district."

Moran discussed his position on a range of issues, from climate change to LGBTQ discrimination. He described the Green New Deal as “literal insanity,” called out Democrats for not supporting gay marriage until 2012, and promised to propose what he called the “Opportunity for All Act,” which he said would "finally bridge the gap of ensuring and guaranteeing LBGTQ rights with religious rights."

During the 14-minute conversation, Moran largely presented himself as a bridge-builder.

“Hatred on the far left of anybody that does not agree with their ideology is extreme, and I’m on the front lines of taking fire from them all the time,” he said. "I also have disagreements with the people on the right of my party that do not want to support gay rights.”

“Only I can, I believe, really find a way to bridge this gap,” he said.