Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, is sitting out this week's GOP national convention. Asked if he'd take part in the convention as it nominates President Donald Trump for a second term, Baker said he hadn't been invited.

Baker, however, was unfazed.

According to the governor, he's more interested in working on COVID-19 issues at home, the reopening of schools, righting the economy and solving budget questions during the pandemic.

"I mean, there's plenty to do to keep us busy around here. And by the way, of course, the Bruins and the Celtics are both in the playoffs," Baker said

Asked if the GOP on display at Trump's convention represents his Republican party, Baker described himself as "a pragmatic and practical Republican."

"One of my biggest problems with Washington is I feel like people there spend most of their time trying to convince you about who they're against and who their enemies are. And I wish that we spent a lot more time worrying about the fact that they represent all of the people of the U.S.," Baker said.